Soft Rafting?– For Families

Thanks to the information provided by the expert guides, it will be possible to identify the typical species, both flora and fauna, of a river environment by practising the river sport of excellence in Calabria: Rafting.

Age – From 4 years

Duration – 1 hour

Length – 4 km

Difficulty – Easy

Level – I- II



Simple, fun, it is the itinerary designed specifically for children from the age of four and for those who prefer to experience an activity such as rafting and enjoy the Lao River in a soft way. A very didactic route of about 4 km where the characteristics of the river, not impetuous, allow you to appreciate nature and the surrounding area.

What is provided

Buoyancy aid

Protective helmet

Rain jacket (cold weather only)

What to bring


Cotton or Lycra t-shirt.

Trainers or hiking boots

What is needed for showering

NB: For all river activities, insurance cover not included in the quota is required. It’s possible to subscribe one at the headquarters through the membership to the Italian Rafting Federation at the cost of 3? only.