No-Stop Rafting?– Don’t Stop Paddling!!

A whole day on the river Lao to cover 28 km within the spectacular territory of the Pollino National Park.

Lunch Included

Age – from 14 years old

Duration – 6 hours

Length – 28 km

Difficulty – medium

Level – II/III

Departure in the morning from the Pollino Rafting centre we will cross the high gorges of the Lao river and then stop by the riverside for lunch at an affiliated facility. In the afternoon the activity continues along the low gorges of the Lao River until reaching Papasidero.

Two completely different places: the Great Gorges of the Lao River, characterized by the canyon that stretches for more than 8 km, offer a spectacular scenery made of limestone rocks overlooking the river where the vegetation takes root only at a certain height, the Low Gorges differentiated by a rich and vigorous nature that in some places seems to recall the typical tropical forest.

What is provided

Buoyancy aid

Protective helmet

Neoprene suit

Rain jacket

What to bring


Cotton or Lycra t-shirt.

Trainers or hiking boots

What is needed for showering

NB: For all river activities, insurance cover not included in the quota is required. It’s possible to subscribe one at the headquarters through the membership to the Italian Rafting Federation at the cost of 3? only.