Lao Gorges? – The european Grand Canyon

The classic route that identifiies itself with Laino Borgo. Suitable for all people, even without experience, looking for adrenaline and breathtaking landscapes.

Age – From 14 years

Duration – 3 hours

Length – 16 km

Difficulty – Medium

Level – II-III

The descent starts from Laino Borgo and, after a first scholastic section, continues through the high gorges of the Lao river, the “Serpentone” (snake) of about 8 km characterized by a succession of rapids of level II-III.

Charming sheer cliffs, waterfalls and streams frame the entire route, making the experience unforgettable.

What is provided

Buoyancy aid

Protective helmet

Neoprene suit

Rain jacket

What to bring


Cotton or Lycra t-shirt.

Trainers or hiking boots

what is needed for showering

NB: For all river activities, insurance cover not included in the quota is required. It’s possible to subscribe one at the headquarters through the membership to the Italian Rafting Federation at the cost of 3? only.