Medium Trip?– Simple and Funny

Easy and fun for those who want to venture into this new experience: the PackRaft in the Lao River

?? Age – From 10 years old

???Duration – 1 hour and 30 minutes

?? Lenght – 4 km

?? Difficulty – Facile

?? Level – I- II


Let the adventure begin by challenging yourself against the sights that the Lao River has to offer. Simple and adrenaline-pumping, this is the route designed for all those who want to try the Packraft experience in more depth. Dante’ s landscapes, streams, waterfalls and jumps are waiting for you for this extraordinary adventure in the name of pure fun.

What is provided

Buoyancy aid

Protective helmet

Rain jacket (only in cold periods)

What to bring


Cotton or thermal shirt

Sneakers or hiking boots

Necessary to take a shower.

NB: For all river activities, insurance cover is required that is not included in the fee. It’s possible to subscribe one at the office through the registration to the Italian Rafting Federation at the only cost of 3?..