Full Trip?– PackRaft and Trekking

An authentic experience, full of discoveries, where the tranquility of the Lao River blends with the vitality of the trails. Let yourself be guided through our valleys and the meanders of the Pollino National Park.

Age – From 10 years

Duration – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Length – 6 km (3 km River / 3 km Trekking)

Difficulty – Medium / Easy

Level – I- II

This activity allows a hiker to cross streams and/or move faster along rivers without having to carry a heavy and bulky boat. Once embarked in your PackRaft let the adventure begin. We will walk about 3 km along the Lao River in a green environment, with the sound of water and birds accompanying us along the way to the door of the Lao Gorges. At the end of the descent, after closing and putting the PackRaft in your backpack, it’s time to enjoy a well-deserved snack. We depart for the second part of the route, about 3 kilometres of Trekking in contact with the quiet and authentic nature.

What is provided

Buoyancy aid

Protective helmet

Rain jacket

Wetsuit (cold weather only)

What to bring


Cotton or thermal shirt

Trainers or hiking boots

what is needed for showering

Quick change for hiking (shirt + shorts)

NB: For all river activities, insurance cover not included in the quota is required. It’s possible to subscribe one at the headquarters through the membership to the Italian Rafting Federation at the only cost of 3?..